Apache URS Authentication ModuleApache URS Authentication ModuleAAMAn Apache HTTPD module that provides URS authentication services.
ASF DAAC Script RecipesASF DAAC Script RecipesASRCode samples and recipes from ASF DAAC
CassiopeiaCassiopeiaCASSIOPEIACassiopeia (aka Airborne Data Search Tool, ADST), from Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC) at the NASA Langley Research Center
CMR Metadata ReviewCMR Metadata ReviewCMRARCThe CMR ARC team curates NASA EOSDIS collection and granule level metadata in CMR for consistency, correctness and completeness.
CMRQCMRQCMRQASoftware for the Jira CMRQ projects. This houses many of the GCMD contributions to the CMR effort.
Common Metadata RepositoryCommon Metadata RepositoryCMRContains the code, wiki, and issues for the Common Metadata Repository
CumulusCumulusCUMULUSPrototype effort of ingest and archive in the cloud.
DAPBotDAPBotDAPBOTDAPBot is a CLI utility for granule by granule functional testing of OPeNDAP services
Earthdata Search ClientEarthdata Search ClientEDSCHome of the Earth Data Search Client application
Earth Science Resources and The Web PlatformEarth Science Resources and The Web PlatformESRTWPTo provide efficient solutions of enabling Earth science resources for the Web platform and help EOSDIS solidify its role as a leading provider of open science data.
EduceEduceEDUCEThis project is a *very* simple experiment with the NASA EOSDIS Earthdata UI toolkit, ReactJS, and Highcharts. This demo app includes a canned set of Arctic sea ice extents and displays an interactive Highcharts/Highstock time series plot of that data.
EOSDIS Core SystemEOSDIS Core SystemECSCode for ECS
EOSDIS Metadata Format DepotEOSDIS Metadata Format DepotEMFDThis project tracks EOSDIS metadata formats and translation. Examples: SMAP ISO 19115 .xsd files, ECHO10 to MENDS ISO 19115-2 .xslt
FacetViewFacetViewFACETVIEWFaceted Search apps
Federated Content ToolFederated Content ToolFCTThe Earth Data Federated Content Tool (FCT) supports sharing and re-use of Earth Data content; sharing of content with the DAACs, sharing of DAACs content with Earth Data and sharing of content from DAAC to DAACs.
GDAL Enhancements for ESDISGDAL Enhancements for ESDISGEEThis space is to facilitate collaboration necessary to develop a GDAL framework, including plug-ins, to offer a GIS solution to common challenges in interpreting non-compliant NASA data. This solution intends to be applicable across all NASA DAACs.
GESDISC Unified User InterfaceGESDISC Unified User InterfaceGUUIGoal of this project is to unify access to data and services at GESDISC under one user interface.
GIBSGenGIBSGenGIBSGENGIBSGen is a CLI tool for generating imagery ready for ingest into GIBS from OPeNDAP enabled raster data.
Hack Fest TestHack Fest TestHFTTesting ECC wrt Hack-Fest requirements
HDF Product DesignerHDF Product DesignerHPDHDF5 Product Designer (HPD) helps users design conventional HDF5 products easily and produce consistently interoperable data products.
HTTP Data DistributionHTTP Data DistributionHDDInformation about running an Apache HTTPD web server for data distribution - best practices, tips, tools, etc.
LP DAAC Data User ResourcesLP DAAC Data User ResourcesLPDURThis space contains user resources including scripts, recipes, and tutorials for accessing and using LP DAAC data products.
NASA-Compliant General Application PlatformNASA-Compliant General Application PlatformNGAPNGAP is a next-generation application platform for use by the Earthdata web infrastructure to host Earthdata components, such as the Earthdata Search Client, CMR, and URS. It is intended to provide lightweight IaaS in a modular, easily-maintained fashion.
Prediction Of Worldwide Energy ResourcesPrediction Of Worldwide Energy ResourcesPOWERThe Prediction Of Worldwide Energy Resources (POWER) project develops and provides data for the solar/renewable energy, sustainable buildings, and agroclimatology communities. Technology development includes web services and online applications.
Ruby URS4 OAuth 2.0 IntegrationRuby URS4 OAuth 2.0 IntegrationRUOIThis is an extremely simple example of how to authenticate against URS4 using a Ruby OAuth 2.0 client library.
URS ClientURS ClientUCURS4 REST and OAuth/SSO Ruby client library